Our son Veer joined Delight Home Daycare when he was 15 months old. I am one among the freaking moms who cannot compromise on quality , this place was referred by a friend of mine who had an amazing experience too. I would take the privilege to leave a feedback with a hope that it helps another mom on the daycare watch out.

As a working mom , I struggled with my son’s meals and his food habits , after few weeks of his transition I felt an angel came in my life and solved my problems with her magic. And YES that angel is Soma, she is very caring , loving and  patient with kids. Veer’s transition was so smooth that after two weeks he would be excited when I reached the driveway to drop him. Evening pick ups were equally happy with smiles , my heart and brain both were on the same page this time.  This daycare taught my son being independent , healthy food and sleep habits improved speech and motor skills. It’s amazing that he has something new every day to learn , the highlights are art work, story time and circle time for him.

We are so happy that we found this place , Veer truly feels at home. The facility is very clean , spacious and very well organized with toys , educational charts on walls, lot of puzzles ,books , beautiful playground and sleeping arrangements are top notch. They also celebrate birthday parties and occasions like Halloween, Christmas etc which is big fun for kids.

Soma goes above and beyond in maintaining healthy nutrition options in her menu, and attention to detail around her daily reports. I always crossed my fingers during winter time but my kid gets hardly sick here. She takes special care when kids have cold, sanitizing the toys on a daily basis and monitors a great process to avoid any contagious situation for other kids.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A day doesn't go by, that I don't sit at my desk and think the only reason I can be at work and not at home is because I trust Veer is having a wonderful time, is safe and so well cared for. God Bless you and your family , your passion for kids is helping the working moms society!!

Vijay & Jeetna 

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Review #1

Review #1

Review #1


I would like to highly recommend  Shabnam (Soma) as a child care provider as she is an outstanding child  care professional that always goes above and beyond. Shabnam was our  son’s care provider for several years, and all of us including our son  have nothing but the fondest memories of her. He still wants to go  and stay with her even though he is now enrolled in elementary school –  second grade. Shabnam is a caring, genuine person with ability to relate  to children with politeness, respect, patience and warmth, so we  knew that our son is safe with her. Shabnam was very respectful and  understanding for the parents as well. She is educated and can speak,  read, write in English very effectively. Our son’s speaking and  communicating skills improved tremendously during the time that he spent  with her care. Shabnam took an active role in enhancing his education  and also made sure that the kids got plenty of exercise. She truly gave  our son an incredible start to preschool.  Each day our son would  wake really excited to see Shabnam.  She made everyday fun and full of  new learning experiences.  She sat on the floor with the children and  interacted with them.  Shabnam genuinely cares about children and has  endless patience.  As parents we really liked the daily communication  about our son’s day and progress. Now our son is a second grader in  elementary school and he still talks about Shabnam.  Shabnam is  organized and runs a structured day, and the children happily follow the  routine.   The children under Shabnam’s care are happy and content.  Shabnam is positive and encouraging. Shabnam is qualified, educated and  full of experiences with children. I strongly, without reservation,  recommend Shabnam as a child care provider. Any child that gets to spend  time with Shabnam will be happy and fulfilled. 



Review #2

Review #1

Review #1

 "Being new to the area, my husband  and I visited over twelve daycare facilities until we were fortunate to  find Delight Home Daycare LLC and Soma. No place had the warmth, love,  and security that we felt with Soma caring for our two girls. My three  year old has learned so much in our eight months at this school, her  vocabulary is strong, she is excited about learning and her manners are  exceptional. My baby is 19 months old and adores Soma and all her little  friends at school. She is speaking so well and learning social skills  and manners. We look forward to watching them grow and learn for months  to come! I appreciate how communicative Soma is and the advise she  provides. She provides detailed write ups and art projects daily. We  also love that they have a smile on their faces at drop off and pick  up. My husband and I are so blessed to have our little girls under the  care and love of Soma. It truly takes a village to raise children, and  we are so happy to have Soma and all the children at Delight Home  Daycare part of ours! Soma isn't just our day care provider, she is part  of our family. We know she loves our girls and we love her."
Suzy & Ed 



Review  #4

 "Our son has been going to delight  daycare since he was 9 months old.Soma is an excellent care giver.The  daycare is very clean and well maintained. They have a lot of different  toys, books, puzzles, games, blocks, legos and whatever you can think of  for kids to play with.
She always makes an effort to do things to  make the day care better.Thers a lot of dancing and art work and  learning on a daily basis. Truly appreciate all the hard work and time  she puts in our kid.It was the best decision ever made.Thank you Soma  for everything.


Review #3

Review #1

Review #3

 "Shabnam  is amazing. She cares for my child right alongside her own children,  ages 5 and a little over a year. Their home is outfitted with a full  finished basement dedicated to the daycare, with alphabet mats, toys,  books, and tables. The children spend a lot of the day learning, doing  preschool books, and playing. There is no TV in the basement. Soma  herself is warm, funny, friendly, and great with the children. She has  watched my daughter from infancy, and I highly recommend her to anyone.  She is incredibly flexible when I have morning meetings, or my husband  works late, and my daughter loves her and her kids."




Review  #5

"My  son goes to Delight Daycare and started when was 8 weeks old and is now  almost 2. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or person to  take care of him!  Soma is very professional, provides great notes about  what goes on during the day, and takes the best care of children at all  ages. She is able to give each child all the attention they need. Soma  makes all kinds of art projects and activities for the toddlers to do,  and really uses all of her expertise. Her house is very warm and  welcoming, but also very clean!  He loves all of the kids that go to  Delight Daycare! I very highly recommend Soma! Most of all she gives him  love each and every day which I think is one of the most important  things you could ask of someone taking care of your child."  Melissa R. 

Review #3

Review  #6

"Soma  is a loving caring individual that I am so grateful Ive found. As  parents entrusting someone new to care of your children can be  difficult. However, from the day we met Soma, she gave me a very  structured schedule, and clear understanding of what she could and could  not provide. She listened to my concerns was very patient with  answering all my questions. Soma effectively communicates with parents  with any schedule or staff changes and ensures that all parents are  aware and informed at all times. The daily sheet sheet she provides at  the end of my childs day is extremley thorough and informative. I refer  to it everyday to track behavior changes and eating schedule, so I can  keep my baby on that same schedule when she is at home. The babies also  have their own room which I really love. Soma is also very determined,  and has helped so much in getting my daughter on solid foods. Soma is  attentive with my child and I really appreciate her and the help and  care she provides for my little one. She is wonderful provider and great  mom. I would definitely recommended this daycare for anyone that needs  an in home provider." 

Signed a happy mom Kim .

Review  #7

My daughter Maira has been going to  delight home day care since she was 8 months old she is now 4. we  appreciate all the love and care she gets from the place.  Soma and her  staff ensures a structured curriculum is enforced with attention to  small details to bigger goals. She communicates with the parents on  the development of the child all along the way.   They are a very clean  and hygiene oriented facility,sending a child to daycare my main worry  was “ I don’t want my child to be sick” and I am very happy and thank my  lucky stars that my kid hardly ever got sick because of the daycare.  Soma takes pride and rightfully so about the way she keeps the place. I can go on and on about the best things about this place but here are a few great points - kids learn to be independent quite early ( eating on their own, cleaning up after themselves and more) - They have a curriculum that helps kids development - she teaches kids behavior habits - clean and safe environment My  kid loves it here and I would recommend it to any new parent this  wonderful place I now have a close friend in Soma and her family and her  daycare is definitely a great place I have come across in this area. 



Review  #8

"I  cannot say enough GREAT things about Delight Home Daycare.  My daughter  has been going there for the last 8 months shortly after her first  birthday.  Soma and Sonya welcomed her with open arms and have been a  joy to work with.  My family and I had been looking for several months  and upon finding Soma we knew immediately that our daughter would be in  great hands.  The home is clean and the food is great!  I know she is  cared for and loved while I am working.  Additionally, Soma sends photos  and a daily update on what has gone on each day.  The communication is  stellar.Most importantly, my daughter is HAPPY.  She gets  excited upon arrival and mentioning going to school.  She is learning  concepts and growing in all areas.  I would recommend Delight Home Daycare to any family looking for a loving, clean and healthy environment."